Amanda Denison United Kingdom

Stem Cell

necklace > 100.00€


Piece created for

Tincal lab Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy


Materials | steel wire fired with enamel and sand, rubber bicycle tube

Size | 300x200x45mm


Each piece is inspired by the concept of bringing what is inside outside the body, revealing what is hidden and questioning what is and what is not?

The traditional XX/XY model for chromosomal sex is outdated. Sex and Gender are separate entities. Sex is anatomical and assigned at birth whereas gender identity is the personal sense of one’s own gender.

Stem cells are capable of changing into differentiated cells and offer great potential to treat degenerative diseases. But, the prevalence of stem-ness suggests cancer is a stem-cell disease.

Discarded materials are recycled to present transforming stem cells and to present the traditional badge of the XY chromosomes in a new form.



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