Andrea Alonso Peru

Piel Mayar, Head

mask > 100.00€


Piece created for

Tincal lab Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy


Materials | llanchama fiber, brass, old peruvian coins

Size | 250x250x10mm


Piel Mayar is a project inspired in the anthropomorphous iconography represented in the Yanesha culture from the Amazon. Giving humans qualities and shapes of nature lead us to think about what could be behind this concept. Yanesha people believe that humans can be shapeshifters and that this is a power their ancestors used to master. They could take the shape of animals, plants or any element of nature. This made us conclude that somehow their wisdom and knowledge understood that we are all made of the same matter, that we share a biological code known nowadays as DNA. Piel Mayar is a skin made of vegetable fiber with the shape of a jaguar to be worn by a human.



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