Daniela Malev Germany

Not Hear

brooch > 100.00€


Piece created for

Tincal lab Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy


Materials | acrylic glass, brass wire

Size | 78x49x9mm


Hands… symbol for making and creating  (for example jewelry!), symbol for action and gestures.

Eyes, ears, mouth… symbols for surviving, symbols for interaction.

Refusing to see (misery, reality or beauty), refusing to speak (out loud for justice or communicate…) or refusing to hear (the truth of others) will make a person a blind, dumb and deaf part of human society.


Inspirational words by Antonio Machado:

“The eye you see is not an eye because you see it; it is an eye because it sees you!”

“To have a dialogue, ask a question first, then - listen.”



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