Karen Gillis The Netherlands

Loop Pin Jewelry

necklace > 145.00€


Materials | loop pins (hand dyed in blue), PVC hose, blue clasp

Size | 220x200x10mm


Karen Gillis (1953) is an Dutch artist working in different disciplines.  In 2006 she started designing jewelry.

For many years (2009-2019) her jewelry collection was made out of loop pins and she created intricate organic structures that are imaginative. Several materials used in her designs are hand dyed and in one series she uses paper pasted and hand painted wooden discus beads.


Her newest necklaces are made out of waxcord and hand dyed PVC hose. Her new series of brooch pins are made out of hand dyed PVC hose (both since 2019).


Her colorful collection exists out of necklaces, rings, bracelets and brooches. Most of her jewelry designs are one of a kind, though there are a few designs in a very limited edition.



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