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Keep Well Thy Tongue

necklace > 100.00€


Piece created for

Tincal lab Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy


Materials | metal, brass

Size | 400x10x10mm


The 3 pieces were derived from deduction of a subject, in this event, it’s Anatomy and not to forget Jewelry as well. Humour, form, context, play, conversation, movement, layers of thoughts, portability, experience, all play their part to the final conclusion. Certain material may call out to be used, in the case, Mother of Pearl felt appropriate for its resemblance to our bone, and smoothness of our skin - the latter being an organ too, let us not forget. Cynthia would like the wearer to take away with them as well as the jewelry interactions, experience and dialogues each and every time for years to come.



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