Rachael Colley United Kingdom


brooch > 100.00€


Piece created for

Tincal lab Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy


Materials | natural/food dyed, moulded leather, stainless steel

Size | 165x65x15mm (available in five colors)


Colley's “Tongue” series consists of leather forms, moulded around and dyed using food waste such as mango stones and beetroot to re-present that most intriguing of internal/external body boundary traversing organs. The brooches are designed to intrigue the viewer/wearer, both attracting and repelling them by drawing on uncanny body associations in their pimpled and pock-marked appearance as externally wearable fleshy appendages. Referencing body parts like the tongue and using food waste to re-present them on the body in the form of jewelry intends to shift and highlight our bodily awareness; enhancing sensory perception and attitudes towards food consumption.



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