Beauty and Wonder

Contemporary jewelry traveling exhibition, on display at Tincal lab from March 19th to April 27th.
Curator: Luis Acosta.
When we talk about beauty, we talk about perceptions of an abstract notion that corresponds to an attribute granted more than anything by a remarkable harmony that causes positive sensations at the sensory level, which is also equivalent to an aesthetic quality or value. So, we talk about a subjective experience, which can vary not only from the eye of an observer to another, but between cultures and times.
The wonder, the first step towards reflection and contemplation, is linked to the discovery of something unusual or the experience of an unusual situation.
We say that we are wondered when an event causes us a certain emotional impact or a sense of strangeness.
In this collection of jewels, harmony and perfection that inspire admiration and delight come together.
Admiration for the unexpected or unthinkable and delight for the pleasant to the intellect or the senses.

Amàlgama (IT) | Ana Marchetanu (RO) | Barbara Laso (ES) | Cartonpia (ES) | Chokolom (ES) | Duo Wonder (BE) | Elvira Cibotti (AR) | Esteban Erosky (MX) | Flore Soria (FR) | Fumiko Nakajima (JP) | Iona Nieva (AR) | Iro Kaskani (CY) | Julie Bégin (CA) | Katharina Moch (DE) | Laura Volpi (IT) | Magali Thibault Gobeil (CA) | Meristèma Lab (IT) | Misaki Nomoto (JP) | quasi caramelle (IT) | Saadah Bin Shehab (SA) | Sita-Falkena (NL) | Studiozero-vetro (IT) | Susanne Hammer (AT) | Valeria Rossini (IT) | Yael Friedman (IL) | Yiota Vogli (GR) 

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