Ink Memories
Ink Memories

Challenge 2022 | Fabiana Fusco

Ink Memories

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Fabiana Fusco Italy

Ink Memories bangle

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials silver

Size 80x80x10mm


Three different points of view: first (Reading Freedom - ring) literature as a form of emancipation; in some countries girls don’t have the right to go to school, to learn to write and read and when they fight for their rights books and pens become a weapon and a way to run away from their condition and find freedom.

Second (Open Pages - necklace), a simple object like a page holder that allows you to hold an open book with a single hand becomes a bead that gives birth to a necklace that it seems like a spine that figuratively support your head and so like words in books feed your mind.

At last (Ink Memories - bangle), the physical medium for writing; years ago the nib was used to write with ink, so an old nibs’ box found in a drawer becomes a silver bangle with a romantic touch.