Tube brooch

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Tube brooch

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Gizella Biró Jewellery | Zsófia Gizella Biró Hungary

Tube brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials aluminium tube, steel

Size 50x50x50mm 


Since ancient times, man has been a collector of natural treasures and a lover of the wondrous beauty of the living world. Plants are special creatures, living almost everywhere, crawling out of cracks in roads or walls and always trying to regenerate themselves. And people admires this ingenuity of nature and tries to imitate it. In parallel with the living world, human builds factories, manufactures industrial products and give his goods an attractive packaging. Nature works wonderfully spontaneously, whereas people are a conscious living being and therefore creates their own artificial and fascinating environment.

A brooch made from a tube of cosmetics gives the opportunity for an artificial flower to emerge from a man-made product.