New City Wall

Challenge 2022 | Maja Stojkovska

New City Wall

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Maja Stojkovska North Macedonia

New City Wall earrings

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials computer heat sink, mobile phone parts, computer cable, stainless steel

Size 60x27x4mm 


In her practice, Maja follows the zero-waste concept in the process of crafting each jewelry piece. She reuses e-waste extracted from discarded computers - aluminum heat sinks, cables, and various mobile phone parts.

She draws her inspiration from the science fiction writers, especially Isaak Asimov and his robotic serial. Just as Asimov would transform his robot character - R. Giskard - out of dead steel and wires into positronic mind that has developed in super telepathic being, so too Maja is tending to transform the electronic waste into artworks that radiate life.