Erysphe brooch

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Erysphe brooch

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Amàlgama Jewels | Giorgia Tasca Italy

Erysphe brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials bronze, enamel, Dalmatian jasper

Size 40x30x10mm


The Băbўlōnĭca collection stems from a fascination for mold and moss and is based on the bewitching idea that new life can sprout from the old, allowing two organisms that would otherwise cease to exist to take on life as a new joint form. A form enveloped and embellished by incredible new textures and colors. From this, its name: Băbўlōnĭca, which in ancient Rome defined the complex and refined art of decorated fabrics from the city of Babylon.

A reflection on ends that are nothing but new beginnings. And on scars that are the base to grow vibrant, beautiful armors.