Workshop Three Dimensional Embroidery with Beadwork


This workshop is aimed for those who are interested in beginning with bead embroidery techniques associated with Haute Couture. You will learn how to place beads and create volume with your embroidery, to then apply it to clothing items, objects and jewelry, developing your own designs. 

We will explore the different types of materials available on the market and how to work with them in a very practical way. 


The workshop consists of 1 class lasting 7.5 hours: in the first part you will learn basic techniques and experiment with the materials creating a sample of embroidery stitches; in the second part we will see examples of how different artists work with the materials, with the opportunity to intervene a cuff. 


When finishing the workshop, you will have a demonstration with shapes and stitches, and an advanced project to continue embroidering.

Prior knowledge for embroidery is not necessary. The idea is to come and try it! This technique is very fun and the results can be really beautiful. 



- Knowledge of different forms and materials to apply the technique.

- Creation of a unique sample of basic bead embroidery stitches.

- How to finish each thread.

- You will receive an illustrated embroidery stitches guide.

- How to transfer a design to fabric.

- Project: intervention of a cuff. 



Sunday, March 17th, 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6.30pm (1h for lunch break).

Total of 7.30 hours.






- Illustrated step by step.

- PDF with presentation of artists.

- Needle nº 12.

- Frame for embroidery.

- Cotton threads and polyester threads.

- Fabric to use as a support for embroidery.

- Beads, sequins, tubes.



Minimum of 4, maximum of 10.



The Workshop can be in English, Spanish and/or Portuguese.



For application and more information write to



Lara Solia Barenboim was born in Argentina and raised between Argentina and Brazil. She studied jewelry at Taller Eloi (Buenos Aires, Argentina), she was an exchange student at Cranbrook Academy of Arts (Detroit, United States).

She attended seminars with Lori Talcott, Alberte Tranberg, Rodrigo Acosta Arias, Mannon Van Kouswijk. 

She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires collaborating with different fashion brands as an embroiderer and making her own work. 

Her graduation work was shown at Galerie MARZEE (Netherlands) and her work has been exhibited at Galeria Alice Floriano (Brazil), Tincal lab (Portugal), in the bienal Melting Point in 2023 (Spain) and New York City Jewlery Week (United States).