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Challenge 2022 | Amàlgama

Adore Moi:

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Amàlgama Jewels / Giorgia Tasca Italy 

Adore Moi: ring

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials gold plated bronze with antique finishing and engraving 

Size 40x32x28mm | 


Capsule d’une Odyssée Sentimentale

“Have you ever asked yourself what type of love story we’d be? You know, if we were a novel. Would we be a Latin tale of one night of passion followed by decades of waiting without a word? Or maybe the hopeless love of Italian passion, doomed to eternal silence when we end up with other people? Are we in a Russian novel? Because if we learned anything from Tolstòj or Pasternak I’d say let’s maybe stay away from train tracks, or train stations all together. But after all, I think we might be French, destined to an “I’d die for love” type of odyssée sentimentale.”