Albedo brooch

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Albedo brooch

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Amàlgama Jewels Italy

Albedo brooch

Piece included in Beauty and Wonder exhibition (curator Luis Acosta)

Materials silver plated bronze and dendritic agate


Opus Mirabilis is an exploration of what fills us with wonder, the beauty of how it affects us and how we relate to it. Inspired by the alchemical process of the Magnum Opus, it’s divided in four phases: Nigredo, a state of undifferentiated awareness and disorientation. Albedo, the deepening of contact and illumination, Citrinitas the awakening, the dawning of a solar light opposed to the earlier lunar one. The final phase, Rubedo, in which elements that were impure and divided unite into one complete and exact entity. The road of this process can be paved both of delight and pain, as what fills us with wonder won’t always be something that does us good. But whatever it may be, every time we allow ourselves to break down barriers and rebuild them we grow and evolve a little bit more.

The colors of the stones with inclusions represent each phase of the process, while the structure is made in a synapses-like shape to represent connections and perceptions.