Alfonsina and the Sea

Challenge 2022 | Laura Leyt

Alfonsina and the Sea

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Laura Leyt Argentina

Alfonsina and the Sea necklace

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials wool, recycled plastic, recycled old pearl necklace, old lace

Size 900x210x75mm


Laura’s work is inspired by the Argentine poetess Alfonsina Storni, born in Switzerland in 1891.

Alfonsina was part of a group of Latin American women writers who fought not only for artistic recognition in the spaces of literature in America, but also for a place, as women, in the society in which they lived. Victim of cancer, Alfonsina decided to commit suicide by throwing herself into the sea in Mar del Plata city in October 1938 at the age of forty six.

The brooch and the ring are inspired by the poem “Quadrates and Angles” and the necklace is inspired by the song “Alfonsina and the Sea” (Felix Luna and Ariel Ramirez).