As I Remember Them: To Dive Into
As I Remember Them: To Dive Into

Challenge 2023 | Cleopatra Cosulet

As I Remember Them: To Dive Into

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Cleopatra Cosulet Romania

As I Remember Them: To Dive Into brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials resin, pigments (including thermochromic and UV light reacting ones), steel wire, handcrafted pin stoppers (made of resin, pigments and rubber)

Size 80x60x40mm


If it comes about seen places and attempts to evoke them, it’s legitimate to look at them through the lens of what was seen and felt, as they are now fragments of superimposed memories, which have become organic.

The emotion of colors, doubled by the feeling of permanence and belonging lived in an old house from a village in Maramureș, on which time hasn't left its mark, and the acute sensation of traveling in time were preserved as a timeless sensation of joy of life.

The wavy lines, the perceptible pulse of beautiful Barcelona gave birth to an immense imaginary speaking being, with windows-eyes and evening whispers dripping into the soul.

The amazement and delight felt at the first sight of the Red Sea, seen from above, became symbols of perennial beauty.