Bauhaus 100 cube earrings
Bauhaus 100 cube earrings
Bauhaus 100 cube earrings
Bauhaus 100 cube earrings

Ana Pina

Bauhaus 100 cube earrings

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Ana Pina Portugal

Bauhaus 100 cube earrings 

Piece created for exhibition Tincal lab x Bauhaus 100

Materials sterling silver (4,6g), leather (repurposed industry leftovers)

Size 40x35x13mm


In 2019 Tincal lab joined the celebrations of the centenary of Bauhaus with a collective exhibition of exclusive pieces inspired by the school founded by Walter Gropius, in Weimar, in 1919 - and which still influences us today.

A limited edition collection by Ana Pina, that plays with plans, lines and the three dimensions of geometry.

Pair of earrings featuring a cube: plan in glossy yellow leather and inside edges in sterling silver squared wire. The two elements are separated, so you can wear them together or only the silver element. When together they are connected only in one spot, so they move.

Please note that the leather is cut manually with scissors, so it may present some natural imperfections.

(Bauhaus poster, 1932)


[Made by order, please allow one to two weeks before shipping.]