DUO Curve big (left) 3D
DUO Curve big (left) 3D
DUO Curve big (left) 3D
DUO Curve big (left) 3D

Ana Pina x WEK

DUO Curve big (left) 3D

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#tincalcollab Ana Pina x WEK

DUO Collection

Earring curve, big size, one 3D base only (left version), in the color of your choice

Materials 3D printing (PLA)

Size diameter: 5cm


DUO Collection is all about playing with different combinations!

Here you have an extra 3D base to combine with the earring of the model Curve (left version), in the big size. It also fits the pin of the model Curve. Choose your favorite color: graphite, petroleum blue, orange or yellow (check last photo). 

Earrings are available in 2 sizes, 4 models and 4 colors. You can buy them in pairs or alone and mix as you wish. The silver element is interchangeable, so you can combine it with other 3D printed bases of different colors (sold separately).

>> Latin "duo", two, pair >> from the combination of two designers, two different materials and two ways of creating jewelry, a strongly contemporary, urban, bold and versatile collection was born. Elements in silver and printed in 3D technology (PLA) are combined in affirmative geometric compositions that reflect what distinguishes each of these artists while assuming what they have in common.


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