First Gesture bracelet
First Gesture bracelet

Beauty and Wonder | Iona Nieva

First Gesture bracelet

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Iona Nieva Argentina

First Gesture bracelet

Piece included in Beauty and Wonder exhibition (curator Luis Acosta)

Materials copper wire, paper, acrylic paint


The year 2020: crisis, uncertainty, chaos, absence, distance, loneliness, fear and pain, despair and helplessness, death, deprivation, indeterminacy, fall of fictional certainties and reassessment of the essential: ties, contact, embrace, trust, support, protection, safety, shelter, food and affection.

Compulsory lockdown and introspection. Questions about life itself, about the links built, the environment, the planet. Responsibility for the past and rethinking what is to come. Shuffle the pack and deal again.  Long and need to transform. Finally, openness to the possibility of reinterpreting and reinventing ourselves, creating new ways of connecting and being.

With the creative process to the rescue, feeling amazement and relief to see the beauty emerge from the darkness, in the first gesture, the first opening movement from chaos towards a new order, perhaps harmonious and beautiful, with the mud of uncertainty, fear of death and pain as matter, to shape the new, to reproduce myself in the very act of creating.