Green Vessel necklace 
Green Vessel necklace 

ANTIVIRUS | Elvira Cibotti

Green Vessel necklace 

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Elvira Cibotti Argentina

Green Vessel necklace 

Piece created for ANTIVIRUS, Tincal lab Quarantine Challenge

Materials recycled paper, thread, silver

Dimensions vessel: 10x5cm | necklace: 43x10cm

Kit to overcome mandatory social distancing Series.
The current pandemic that the entire world is suffering has triggered different measures to protect public health. Mandatory social distancing seems to be the most implemented. Personally, I have gone through all possible moods since the quarantine began in my country. This is why I decided to put together this Kit, which connects me with emotions and feelings of my own instead of providing external solutions, and to which I can turn to make the best of this unusual situation.


Uses: Improves your Despair state. 

Purpose: To raise the levels of Hope, Optimism, Confidence, Illusion and Faith.

Dosage: Wear it as long as you want, or until you feel comforted.

Side effects: Improves appearance and body image.

Adverse Effects: None.


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This piece is part of the special virtual event ANTIVIRUS, a Tincal lab Quarantine Challenge. 20% of sales until June 30 will be donated to the initiative #euajudoquemajuda by Portuguese Red Cross.

Exceptionally, these pieces are not available in our gallery and will be sent to you directly by the artist - all information about the piece is provided by the artist as well.

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