Heart Study

Challenge 2022 | Hilary Hertzler

Heart Study

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Hilary Hertzler USA

Heart Study II brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials brass wire, cotton/linen yarn, glass beads, 14k gold fill.

Size 83x86x25mm


"Oh Frida

will you fill my chest

free my throat

loose my tongue

to breath fire

with the sun.”


This poem was written by the artist after reading “Frida: The Biography of Frida Kahlo”. Frida lived her art, and life, with an unapologetic voice and heart. In 2020, the artist found herself in the beginnings of her own massive internal shift in body and voice. Turning to her work, she came to a place of deep conversation with herself - beginning to explore the depth of memory held in her body and slowly unearthing the inner workings of her heart.