Imagination Dead Imagine brooch
Imagination Dead Imagine brooch
Imagination Dead Imagine brooch

Challenge 2019 | Maria Rosko

Imagination Dead Imagine brooch

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Mária Rósko Hungary

Imagination Dead Imagine brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy

Materials heat patinated copper, brass

Size 80x40x140mm


The pieces address the question of anatomy on two levels. Based on Samuel Beckett’s short novel entitled “Imagination Dead Imagine”, the two brooches represent two abstract, contracted human bodies in a closed narrow space. The two brooches have exactly the same size and the same basic shape cutting out different forms from the space, creating different sources for the viewer’s unconscious cognitive process of recognising/imagining figures in abstract shapes.

On the other level, the pieces address the wearer’s anatomy, his/her posture. A particular position of bones and muscles is required to hold the brooches in a balance/off-balance state provoking discomfort for the wearer.


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