In Stone (De Castro & Saramago)
In Stone (De Castro & Saramago)

Challenge 2022 | Be Garcia

In Stone (De Castro & Saramago)

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Be Garcia | Bárbara Garcia Spain

In Stone (De Castro & Saramago) necklace

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials alabaster, silver, ribbon

Size 580x30x10mm


Many ideas and words have been written in stone along history - both literal and metaphorically.

Some of them were worth being written but others were not. So, perhaps, in these times of hyper and ephemeral communication we might stop and remember what is truly and meaningfully written in stone for us.

Literature, those stories we almost know by heart and that have helped build the person we are, are words really worth being written in stone. So let’s carry those stones as the amulets they may be for us, feeling a weight that can actually make us fly higher.