(in)SIDE EFFECT Cactus Effect necklace
(in)SIDE EFFECT Cactus Effect necklace
(in)SIDE EFFECT Cactus Effect necklace

Silvia Walz

(in)SIDE EFFECT Cactus Effect necklace

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Silvia Walz Germany / Spain

Cactus Effect necklace

Piece created for (in)SIDE EFFECT, exhibition presented in the Jewellery Room in the 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial (2021)

Materials steel, silver, enamel

Size approx. 260x180x2mm


Modular necklace composed of 4 elements - can be worn in several different ways.


Silvia Walz calls one of the side effects of the pandemic the cactus effect.

For almost two years we have tried to protect ourselves just like cactus from every approach and contact. This series is both: a tribute to cactus friends, who have accompanied Silvia during the pandemic in her garden, and at the same time it wants to be a metaphor for this feeling of having to protect oneself at all times from the contact of other people.