(in)SIDE EFFECT Deterrent brooch
(in)SIDE EFFECT Deterrent brooch
(in)SIDE EFFECT Deterrent brooch
(in)SIDE EFFECT Deterrent brooch

Cristina Celis

(in)SIDE EFFECT Deterrent brooch

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Cristina Celis Mexico

Deterrent - Three White Cones brooch

Piece created for (in)SIDE EFFECT, exhibition presented in the Jewellery Room in the 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial (2021)

Materials high fired stoneware, oxidized silver

Size 130x55x45mm 


In these pieces Celis was inspired by spikes and studs used as intimidating hardware on clothing throughout history.

Often a symbol of toughness represented non-conformity and rejecting the trends of the mainstream, these sharp points warn the observer that the wearer does not want anyone to come near.

Spikes are a symbol of protection and of ferocity and act as deterrents against personal harm. The threatening pieces protect the wearer, promise harm to whoever is foolish enough to attack them, securing a bubble of personal safe space.