Invisible Anatomy necklace

Challenge 2019 | Mai Solorzano

Invisible Anatomy necklace

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Mai Solorzano Mexico/Argentina

Invisible Anatomy: Anatomy Of Hope (Break If Necessary) necklace + wood piece (soul)

Piece created for Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy

Materials silicon, brass, beads, green quartz, wood

Size 350x27x27mm


The “Invisible Anatomy” collection was created during an extreme climatic change context caused by the actions of man in our planet. Specifically as a response to the recent fires intentionally caused and subsequently barely controlled in the Amazon, Africa and Siberia. It emerges as a reflection of this current situation in the Mai Solorzano´s own invisible anatomy.

It's a series of organic shapes necklaces. Each one including a carved piece of wood from which they took their shape during their making: a “soul”.

With our soul in our hands, we may notice that it’s made out of natural materials… just like we are.


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