Lacrima Della Cepolla brooch
Lacrima Della Cepolla brooch
Lacrima Della Cepolla brooch
Lacrima Della Cepolla brooch

Challenge 2019 | Rita Martinez

Lacrima Della Cepolla brooch

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Rita Martínez Costa Rica/Italy

Lacrima Della Cepolla brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy

Materials fossilised wood, blue opal, steel

Size 75x45x50mm


Rita Martínez’s research started from the purpose of creating a possible representation of a part of the body, not so much in its essence as in its physiological and psychological expression.

In a certain way the goal was to represent the visible not as part of the body but as a scientifically tangible product of the same part and, at the same time, to dig into the emotional sphere that leads to this product.

With surprise she discovered the existence of topographies of the tears taken in different moods and photographed by Rose-Lynn Fisher, and so she thought of taking some and revisiting them creatively.

Tears, at first sight, physiologically equal but profoundly different in the composition, due to the different emotional stimuli that creates them.


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