Little Cage + Bird

Challenge 2022 | Rita Martínez

Little Cage + Bird

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Rita Martínez Costa Rica / Italy

Little Cage mono earring + Bird cuff earrings

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials gold plated copper (Little Cage) + gold plated bronze (Bird)

Size 85x45x45mm (Little Cage) + 60x22x10mm (Bird)


Rita wants to reread the symbolical meaning of some elements recurring in Macondo (“One Hundred Years of Solitude”, Gabriel García Márquez). The cage, which can be found in every single house along with a host (a bird), is now open because, instead of the immobilism of Ursula, who closes in herself, the artist wants to free herself and, like a bird, fly wherever she wants. In the same way the fish, a recurring product sold by Aurelian to buy gold to produce more fish (another example of immobilism), is now interpreted as the product of a constant, growing and challenging creation, far beyond the mechanical repetitiveness. In a certain way it’s a hymn to freedom, freedom to fly, freedom to explore other paths, freedom to express oneself.