Mandrake brooch
Mandrake brooch

Challenge 2021 | Rita Martínez

Mandrake brooch

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Rita Martínez Costa Rica / Italy

Mandrake (Mandragola) brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature 

Materials brass, bronze, dendritic psilomelane

Size 50x50x15mm


As a natural follow-up to the “Curandera” project, with the new “Plants for Dreaming” collection Rita Martinez intends to go more specifically into hallucinogenic plants.

Common to hallucinogenic substances is the stimulation and alteration of sensory perception, more of sight and hearing, but also of taste, smell and touch. They bring about a change in the wavelength of the reception of the world and of the self with the creation of new and different images of what surrounds us, which justifies the sacredness, the magic and the mystery that plants have had, and still have, in the history of humanity. For this reason they were also known as “plants of the gods" as they helped humans to deepen natural phenomena, bringing them into communication with the spiritual world.