Memories of Lisbon II
Memories of Lisbon II

Challenge 2023 | Janka Kreisz

Memories of Lisbon II

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Janka Kreisz Hungary

Memories of Lisbon II ring

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials silver, sapphire, porcelain paint

Size 35x20x25mm | 12PT / 6US


The artist in this 3-piece jewelry collection recalls memories of a 2019 trip to Lisbon. During her trip, she was impressed by the colorful tiles adorning the facades of traditional Portuguese houses. Over time, some of these tiles had worn away in places, with a few falling off, revealing the weathered house walls beneath. The resulting exciting colors and surface contrasts are represented in this collection. The tiles used in the necklace and brooch were purchased in Lisbon 4 years ago, and have been waiting in her workshop to find their rightful place. Finally, with this exhibition opportunity, they have returned home.