Mnemonic Decay series: Red Flower
Mnemonic Decay series: Red Flower
Mnemonic Decay series: Red Flower

Challenge 2022 | Merıstėma Lab

Mnemonic Decay series: Red Flower

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Merıstėma Lab / Annarita Bianco Italy

Mnemonic Decay series: Red Flower ring

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials perspex, silver, VHS tape

Size 37x32x12mm | 17PT or 8US


We imprint traces of significant events in our lives on magnetic tapes or digital devices, but what happens when they decay and we are no longer able to play back images, videos or words they contain?

Mnemonic decay explores the concept of loss linked to the decay of digital or magnetic memories. Engraved translucent perspex ovals hold the remains of VHS tapes, family memories videos now demagnetised and no longer reproducible. Laser-engraved words on silver foil enable the few available traces to be recovered: the date on the videotape label, fragments of images, distorted sound transcription re-emerging from white noise.