My Little Lighthouse
My Little Lighthouse

Challenge 2023 | Ana Maria Pardon

My Little Lighthouse

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Ana Maria Pardon Argentina

My Little Lighthouse brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials plaster, rice, silver

Size 95x25x20mm


Traveling is a characteristic of culture, inherent to various societies since the beginning of time. So is the artisanal and artistic work, such as body adornment, jewelry. In contemporary times, characterized by the extensive and rapid circulation of information in all fields, the world, the "global village", seems increasingly possible to be encompassed. This, we could say, makes traveling somewhat of a "venturing forth to meet" what has been glimpsed. Then, the dimension of the inexpressible, which is inherent to traveling, allows us to access the wonder of staying in the chosen place, engaging with its culture, its people. And that's when it becomes an event.


[photos: Dario Rial