Open Source 2 brooch

Montse Basora

Open Source 2 brooch

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Montse Basora Spain

Open Source 2 brooch

Materials alpaca, thermoplastic, steel wire

Size 72x72x12mm


Open source

“The more collective our intelligence, the wiser our actions will be”

Non-sharing culture misleads us with its absolute separation of Private and Public space. It makes creative action a binary choice between public and private, open and closed. This creates a gap in the spectrum of knowledge. Although this gap has the potential to become a valuable creative space, concerns about privacy make this gap hard to fill. We shouldn’t be surprised that, to be safe, most people keep their sharing private and stay “closed.” They may fear the Internet creates a potential for abuse that they can’t fight alone. However, the paradox is: the less you share, the less power you have.

Isaac Mao, director of the Social Brain Foundation


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