Overcome the Wall
Overcome the Wall

Challenge 2022 | Sława Tchórzewska

Overcome the Wall

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Sława Tchórzewska Poland

Overcome the Wall brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials 99% blotting paper, 1% fabric, magnets

Size 170x100x40mm


The brooch is a reflection of the fascination with the book “Marina Abramović: Break over the wall. Memories”.

A fascinating journey into the world of the artist, despite a very difficult growing up and relationships in the adult world, made this amazing woman overcome her weaknesses to become a strong and world-famous artist.

The brooch is made of very fine tissue paper, but in the process with resins it became strong.

The interconnected elements have become an infinite form, like a story about life that ends here on earth, but the memory of art remains forever.

(Please beware that the brooch has a clasp with two strong magnets - they should be moved to the side, not up)