Pine Drops earrings

Challenge 2021 | Margarita Malliri

Pine Drops earrings

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Margarita Malliri Greece / Italy

Pine Drops earrings

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature 

Materials sterling silver

Size 87x15x15mm


In the wake of last summer's devastating wildfires, the “Pine Drops” series is a tribute to pine forests, a typical example of the Mediterranean fauna. Pine trees are pyrophytes and can potentially resist fire. They carry their own regeneration mechanism through pine cone bursting, which helps release and disperse their seeds. Unfortunately, after every new wildfire this adaptation system is weakened, threatening the pine trees, as well as a wider range of flora and fauna, and highlighting the need for drastic change. Nonetheless, the pine forest still symbolizes the hope of an autonomous ecosystem that could literally regenerate from its ashes.