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Amàlgama Jewels / Giorgia Tasca Italy

Sigillum double ring

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials gold plated bronze, stone

Size 27x22x30mm | 17PT / 8US


“The man keeps staring at the sea. Every now and then he dips the paintbrush in a copper cup and sketches some light strokes. The bristles leave behind a shadow of the palest darkness which the wind dries immediately, bringing the white of the canvas back to the surface. And on the canvas, nothing. Nothing that can be seen. Sea water, this man paints the sea with the sea.”

This “Ocean Sea” excerpt perfectly represents the effect of travelling. Invisible yet indelible layers of paint seep in and infuse us at every new experience.

Like sea water, they envelop us in a salty sheer coating, the same one that envelops translucent sea stones in the Mnemosyne collection.