Spinebook’s Threads
Spinebook’s Threads
Spinebook’s Threads

Challenge 2022 | Mercedes Carvallo

Spinebook’s Threads

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Mercedes Carvallo Venezuela

Spinebook’s Threads brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Materials carved wood, enameled copper, silver, stainless steel, copper foil, piece of an old spine book

Size 135x64x16mm 


Woodcut is associated with the beginning of the printed word before the invention of printing, which is how books and print were created. Mercedes creates a xylographic matrix and transforms it into a brooch. The inks when printed enrich the color of the piece, which are also complemented with silver or gold mica.

The back of the brooches contain quotes from authors that have marked her. The front represents the cover of the book. The back attached to the body, the content that inspires us and makes us reflect.