The Golden Thread I
The Golden Thread I
The Golden Thread I
The Golden Thread I

Challenge 2023 | Pilar Cotter

The Golden Thread I

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Pilar Cotter Spain

The Golden Thread I necklace

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials brass, iron

Size 290x120x3mm


“Travel journal. San Andrés. El Hierro. Canary Island. 06.05.2023.

Today San Andrés dawns without fog, what a gift… During the morning walk, I came upon a wire bundle near an unfinished fence.

The wires were transformed by nature, giving them a living patina made by long exposure under the sun and the rain. Could that discarded wire, orphaned by a fence and left on the soil, find a new life?”

The idea of co-creating this artistic work with the person who left the material emerges from this chance meeting: to respect its original state, continuing the golden thread. With this in mind, simply cutting the wires at bending points and adding the joints, Pilar’s everlasting obsession.