The Impossible Map II
The Impossible Map II
The Impossible Map II

Challenge 2023 | Cecilia Lopez Bravo

The Impossible Map II

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Cecilia Lopez Bravo USA / Argentina

The Impossible Map bracelet

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials brass, flameworked boro glass, with fumed and gold silver, surgical steel piercings

Size 25x150x100mm


"The Impossible Map: a Poetic View of Travel"

Travel is a metaphorical odyssey, an exploration of self and the world, devoid of fixed coordinates.

This map transcends geography, weaving through the landscapes of time and space.

Within the folds of the Impossible Map lies the paradox of travel: the more we explore, the less we truly know. Wisdom, it tells us, is found in embracing the vast unknown.

In this journey, we surrendered rigid plans in favor of fluidity, understanding that travel is a philosophical exploration. The destinations aren't fixed points but ever-evolving states of self-discovery.

The map is the journey, and we are forever wandering, wondering, and being transformed.