Thought I brooch

Challenge 2019 | Youjin Um

Thought I brooch

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Youjin Um Republic of Korea

Thought I brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy

Materials brass, pebeo colors

Size 58x67x11mm


A story in the kaleidoscope

“I live in two worlds.

One is a fantasy kaleidoscope that creates space for itself and unfolds countless nets in it,

and the other is a playful space in which I relax at the end of my hand and express free

silhouettes as my mind moves.

My work is a time of penitence in which contradictions and conflicts are repeated.

In a way, the two worlds may have the same common denominator.

If I keep painting like Gogh, I’ll find out someday…”

artist notes


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