Challenge 2023 | Luca Sági


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Luca Sági Hungary

Zürich necklace (souvenirs not included)

Piece created for Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel (maximum price 150€)

Materials zamak, aluminium, iron elements + collected souvenirs (paper)

Size 400x300x5mm | chain: 51cm long


Tourism is one of the largest global industries. And yet, while travelling, people so often collect small personal memories and souvenirs, sometimes by buying a commercial object, like a charm, or even by just keeping a ticket or a receipt. Through these acts, it is not only tourists but materials and goods that “tour” countries. Luca’s pieces are exhibited in Portugal but made in Hungary with handbag chains produced in Italy. She then asks the new owners to customise them with new names and their own collected memories and souvenirs, fusing the commercial nature of travel with its intrinsically intimate quality.


[The photos feature private souvenirs of Luca Sági - they are NOT included in the piece for sale. The idea is that the user puts their own souvenirs into the clips.]