Out Of Control set of 2 brooches
Out Of Control set of 2 brooches
Out Of Control set of 2 brooches

Challenge 2019 | Eva van Kempen

Out Of Control set of 2 brooches

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Eva van Kempen The Netherlands

Out Of Control set of 2 brooches 

Piece created for Challenge 2019 Jewelry and Anatomy

Materials silver

Size 55x20x5mm | 55x10x5mm


Since certain life events, Eva is fascinated by medical knowledge. It lets us interfere with our own procreation, procrastinate death and may in the future allow us to design our own kind of perfection. Inspired by stylized traditional anatomical line drawings, she made a series of three silver filigree works that represent the aesthetic dimension of the inside of our body. Inspired by the visually beautiful but terrifying process of cell mutation to the point of metastatic carcinoma.

“These works allowed me to enrich my classical goldsmithing background with the artistic freedom provided by the contemporary jewelry field.”