Algae necklace
Algae necklace
Algae necklace

Challenge 2021 | Acamhi

Algae necklace

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Acamhi | Alejandra Camhi Chile

Algae necklace 

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials natural Chilean Patagonian stone, silver, waxed thread

Size 340x65x10mm


True luxury is Nature, in its purest state.

Alejandra Camhi, through her brand Acamhi, aims to pay homage and highlight the natural richness of her territory, using Chilean Patagonian stones consciously handpicked by her. She maintains their natural shape and polish. Her pieces are created respecting her origin, made entirely by hand, using recycled silver texturized by fire and through a sustainable process. All pieces are inspired by the natural scenery of the Chilean Patagonian coastline and what she encounters just by fixing her gaze on the ground.