Amazonia necklace

Challenge 2021 | Bárbara Garcia

Amazonia necklace

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Be | Bárbara Garcia Spain

Amazonia necklace

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials brass, silver, ribbon

Size 630x109x5mm


Bárbara Be García’s artistic jewelry aims to create a game for its spectators and wearers, by developing pieces that come to life once they are worn.

This is what happens with the “Skin of All” Project, where the silhouettes of some very important forests and rainforests become a window to the wearer's skin.

Because we are often told that forests are the lungs of the planet, yet we do not take much care of them. And perhaps we should understand that they are in fact our lungs, our mouths, our feet… They are the skin and future of all.