Chips pins
Chips pins

Beauty and Wonder | Misaki Nomoto

Chips pins

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Misaki Nomoto Japan

Chips pins

Piece included in Beauty and Wonder exhibition (curator Luis Acosta)

Materials Katsura woods, paints (for Japanese painting)


These pieces of woods come from the time when the craftsmen of Kamakura Carving the work using the original technique “Tatakinomi”.

They are usually scrap materials, but the pieces with chisel marks are not the same as one, and I found a fascinating charm in there.

Kamakura Carving works are engraved and then painted with lacquer. Since lacquered Kamakura Carving looks profound and expensive, there is a sense of distance from people. I dare to color them vividly using Japanese paints.

This is because I would like to make Kamakura Carving more casual, more familiar.

The strong mark by the chisel and the bright color contrast are an interesting design.