Croix de Fer single earring
Croix de Fer single earring

ANTIVIRUS | Atelier Armoure

Croix de Fer single earring

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Marhinou Tchaou | Atelier Armoure France

Croix de Fer single earring

ANTIVIRUS, Tincal lab Quarantine Challenge

Materials sterling silver, oxidised

Dimensions 30x20mm

In France and in a lot of countries in the world, crossing fingers is a way of saying "let's hope so". It's a very superstitious tradition, heritage of the Christianity symbol: the cross.

In French, we have an expression "croix de bois, croix de fer, si je mens, je vais en enfer" which means "wood cross, iron cross, if I lie, I'll go to hell". It was mostly used by children playing and swearing.

The earring represent a hand crossing her fingers. It's a lucky charm protecting you and giving you your child soul back, trustful, innocent, not thinking about the worst because you are safe.


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This piece is part of the special virtual event ANTIVIRUS, a Tincal lab Quarantine Challenge. 20% of sales until June 30 will be donated to the initiative #euajudoquemajuda by Portuguese Red Cross.

Exceptionally, these pieces are not available in our gallery and will be sent to you directly by the artist - all information about the piece is provided by the artist as well.

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