Figurae Collection earrings
Figurae Collection earrings
Figurae Collection earrings

Ana Pina

Figurae Collection earrings

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Ana Pina Portugal

FG02.001/2/3/4/5/6 earring (sold individually)

Collection Figurae

Materials sterling silver: rectangle (1,1g), square (2,0g), 1/4 circle (1,8g), half circle left (2,0g), half circle right (2,0g), circle (1,9g)

Size rectangle: 20x10x13mm, square: 20x20x13mm, 1/4 circle: 20x26x13mm, half circle left: 30x15x13mm, half circle right: 30x15x13mm, circle: 20x20x13mm


Figurae (plural of figura): shape, form, figure. Any of the non-signifying constituents of signifiers. For example, letters of the alphabet are the figurae that make up a written word.

Figurae Collection earrings are simple geometric shapes in silver, sold individually, so you can mix and match as you will.