For-age necklace
For-age necklace

Challenge 2021 | Rachael Colley

For-age necklace

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Rachael Colley United Kingdom

For-age necklace

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature 

Materials bamboo, carrot peel, feather hollow shafts (calamus), stainless steel

Size 350x250x7mm


In response to Tincal lab Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature, Rachael has created a new series titled “For-age”. During regular walks around her local area, she foraged and collected natural materials to work with, such as feathers, combining them with garden and food waste to create wearables that awaken the senses.

Rachael's works are designed to have a limited lifespan, as the organic elements can be removed to return to the land to biodegrade as fashions change. Respecting the end of an object’s life can create new rituals, whilst recognising the value of craftsmanship, thus resonating with ancient ritual practices.


(Food waste has been used (carrot peel) - handle with care and avoid moisture.)