Geometric Exercises necklace

Beauty and Wonder | Susanne Hammer

Geometric Exercises necklace

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Susanne Hammer Austria

Geometric Exercises necklace

Piece included in Beauty and Wonder exhibition (curator Luis Acosta)

Materials wood, textile 

Size about 80cm


The necklaces "Geometric Exercises", which are inspired from Bauhaus principles, have come closest to meeting my standards for successful work - in other words - beauty and harmony: the concept, material and technique all worked together perfectly. In my opinion, jewellery art should have a quality which allows to transcend the jewellery tradition. From the beginning I have been experimenting with classical types of necklaces, reflecting these archetypes in an ironic, subversive way and try to find the essence of "the chain". My new necklaces are exemplary for my approach: investigating shape, function, movement and relationship to the body I transform a classical form into a new and surprising object and reduce it to the essentials.

The series "Geometric Exercises" deals with geometric shapes which are in contrast to the body. The two-dimensional geometric shapes evolve on the body from a flat shape into space, Made of three-layer material, the spatial-sculptural necklaces get their mobility by textile.