Help! Listen the Planet brooch
Help! Listen the Planet brooch

Challenge 2021 | Clélia Jewellery

Help! Listen the Planet brooch

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Clélia Jewellery | Clélia Parreira Portugal

Help! Listen the Planet brooch

Piece created for Challenge 2021 Jewelry and Nature

Materials sterling silver, zirconia stone, cotton swab

Size 20x50x4mm


Portugal has an extensive coastline. The sea has always fascinated Clélia, awakening sensations and feelings for such beauty.

Through this work Clélia intends to express her concern and alert to what is happening in the oceans and in general in the world. The greatest concentration of garbage is found in the coastal strips and in the seabed close to the coast. It is urgent that we change our attitudes and consciousness to live a more sustainable and healthier world.